Don't underestimate digital threats

Even the most sophisticated security will not protect a home/business/institution from a cyber attack if the weak link is a human. Would you get behind the wheel of a car without a license?

In a digital world, there is a need for continuous education. With the development of ICT, it is necessary to monitor current threats and prepare for them in time. New security challenges will be related to artificial intelligence (AI) and "automated attacks", the arrival of quantum computers in the commercial sphere (outlook within 5 years), increasingly sophisticated phishing emails, malicious applications and codes (Malware), exploits of programming errors (Exploits), attempts to hack into communications (MitM attacks) or attacks on websites and servers (DDOS). Currently, human error is the most common cause of the success rate of these attacks, which will increase every year. Most people do not know how to use technology properly and safely, yet we all want to be "hi-tech". Let's change that together and as a first step, test your knowledge of cyber security.

Current rates

Safely and freely in the online space - advanced - two-day online course subsidized by the Labour Office now for the price of CZK 2,682 incl. VAT (the value of the course + the IcyBear Treasure cyber protection package for one year and one user is CZK 14,900 incl. VAT).

Advanced cybersecurity and social networking fundamentals:

- Wi-Fi and public network security (Detailed exploration of the risks associated with using public Wi-Fi networks, including security methods such as VPNs, encryption and authentication protocols)

- Email Security (In-depth understanding of email encryption techniques, use of secure email services, and proper email client setup for privacy)

- Protection against phishing attacks and social engineering (Identification of typical characteristics of phishing attacks, training on techniques for recognizing fraudulent emails and messages, and strategies for preventing social engineering)

Advanced social media techniques:

- Digital Identity Management (Methods for effective and secure online identity management, including the use of strong passwords, two-factor authentication and privacy)

- Protecting against deepfakes and manipulation (Learning to recognize deepfake videos and manipulated content, understanding the technologies used to create them and methods to detect them)

- Sharing information securely (Procedures for sharing personal and sensitive information securely on social media, including encryption and selective sharing)

Legal aspects of cyber security:

- Legal basics (Familiarity with cybersecurity legislation and standards, including GDPR)

- Data Breach Liability and Procedures (Learning how to identify a data breach, how to respond in accordance with legal standards, and how to implement procedures to minimize damage)

Modern technologies and cyber security:

- The use of blockchain and AI in security (Exploring the use of blockchain technologies to increase transparency and security, and the role of artificial intelligence in detecting and preventing cyber threats)

- Benefits of the Security as a Service approach

- Interactive exercises

- Analysis of real case studies

- Security installation for laptops and mobile phones (combination of IcyBear Treasure comprehensive protection tools for one year) - optional (Bitdefender, Checkpoint, TrendMicro, Fortinet)

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