Cyber risk insurance

Protect yourself from cyber attacks: get our unique insurance with IcyBear!

For IcyBear clients, we provide unique insurance for cyber risks, which are unfortunately an increasingly common part of our lives in a world full of information and information technology.

The dangers range from the loss of information from a single laptop or computer to the threats of cloud computing. In addition, a business may experience problems with
access to systems, unauthorized interference or interruption of web services. Risks and hazards are evolving and becoming more complex. While
companies have invested in security and protection of physical assets in the past, now is the time to consider the security and protection of information and information communication systems (ICT).

Scope of insurance coverage

  • Cost of cyber risk specialists
  • The cost of professional services to determine the possibility of recovering, reassembling or recreating electronic data.
  • Costs of professional services to prevent or mitigate adverse effects on
  • Costs of professional services to prevent or mitigate any adverse effect on
    the reputation of a particular person working for the company
  • The cost of reporting the loss or leakage of data to the affected persons or the relevant
    regulatory authority.
  • Damages and legal costs related to a breach of
    personal data or confidential company information
  • Damages and legal costs if network security is breached
  • Obligations towards supervisory authorities
  • Damages and legal costs in the event of infringement of third party intellectual property rights or negligence in the management of electronic media content (optional)
  • Amounts paid to third parties who threaten to compromise the security of the company's systems (optional)
  • Loss of company profits due to system or network interruption caused by
    system security breach (optional)
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