Penetration testing

Discover your company's vulnerabilities before hackers do!

Identify weaknesses in your company's IT systems that could be the cause of a successful hacking attack. We will test your company computers, servers, information systems, internal networks, applications or the organization as a whole.

Penetration testing is performed by trained, qualified
experts using the procedures of real hackers. Using both automated and manual procedures , we will uncover strengths and weaknesses in your security.

Let's run these tests:

An external penetration test targets an organization's services and servers that are visible from the Internet, such as web applications, corporate websites, email server, or DNS. The test simulates the behavior of an attacker who attempts to penetrate from the Internet, has no prior knowledge of the IT infrastructure, and does not have access credentials to IT services published from the internal environment to the Internet.

The aim of these tests is to simulate the behaviour of an attacker who has or has gained access to an internal network (i.e. an employee or successful hacker), to detect and describe their capabilities.

The goal is to determine whether access data, sensitive data or personal data can be obtained or modified from the internal network, to control the device or to ensure its malfunction or availability.

Mobile app penetration testing creates an attack specifically targeted at a mobile app (iOS or Android). This test will identify all vulnerabilities in the app, from binary compilation issues and improper storage of sensitive data to traditional attacks such as username spoofing.

Defines how the outside world can interact with your application. Therefore, it is a good idea to test these interfaces to make sure they are set up in a secure manner. The goal of API testing is to check the functionality, reliability, performance, and security of programming interfaces, i.e., to compromise the organization's functionality or data through the interface.

Wireless networks are one of the key elements in security. An attacker within range of the signal, if he manages to compromise the Wi-Fi network, can monitor communications on the network, or further attack the internal infrastructure from it.

The goal of these tests is to cause unavailability and then describe the necessary steps to cause the website or infrastructure to become unavailable. They are conducted outside of business hours to avoid disrupting the normal operations of the organisation by the testing itself. 

Distributed Denial of Service - A form of cyber attack in which attackers attempt to disrupt or damage a website, network, or other online service by overloading it with large numbers of spoofed or unsolicited requests until performance degradation, limitation, or service failure occurs.

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