IcyBear for mobile devices

Mobile phones and tablets under control

The IcyBear Start cybersecurity solution offers comprehensive protection for your mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets) of all operating systems. Thanks to Check Point technologies, we provide you with the best possible security protection. You can purchase a Start license for as little as CZK 3,000 incl. VAT / per year for 1 user and 1 device.

What does this package contain?

  • connection to a data centre (SOC) with 24/7 monitoring service
  • complete protection for iOS and Android mobile devices
  • access to the e-learning portal
  • valid for 1 year for 1 device

Why is it important to protect your mobile device?

IcyBear Start protects users from all cyber threats on their mobile devices. Whether it's a phishing attempt, a malicious email attachment, or zero-day ransomware, across all attack vectors. With revolutionary artificial intelligence and the industry's most extensive threat monitoring network, we can stop attacks before they happen.

IcyBear Start enables operating system vulnerability analysis, advanced features for Samsung devices, or easy management of HTTPS controls.

Malicious file protection uses the Check Point Threat Cloud service to scan downloaded files and analyse potentially malicious behaviour. If a risk is detected, the download is blocked and the malicious file never reaches the device.

Data centre and monitoring

24/7 SOC (Security Operation Center) with MDR (Managed Detect and Response) and SIEM solution for monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure.

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