RiscRecon Assault Security Analysis

Is your company well secured?

During a one-day investigation, we will assess the state of security technologies and processes in your company. The RiscRecon Assault service includes:

- Examination of 7 key types of attacks on users.

- Testing the security strength of current antivirus software by simulating a ransomware attack.

- Verifying the possibility of computer control and testing the detection of sending data outside the company.

- Check perimeter firewall settings.

- Security analysis of internal networks and connected devices.

- Evaluating the effectiveness of current security protocols and procedures.

- Verification of resistance to social engineering and phishing attacks.

- Check the security of mobile devices and remote access.

In parallel, the consultant will go through the key services with the owner or IT manager, assess the potential impact on the company and compile a list of the biggest risks. This process includes assessing the impact of the identified risks on the operations and financial health of the business.

The output of the service will be a detailed report that includes:

- Summary of findings and assessment of the current state of safety.

- Recommendations for improvement and concrete steps to implement these changes.

RiskRecon Assault is ideal for companies looking for a quick and thorough overview of their security posture and want to respond effectively to potential threats.

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