IcyBear Comprehensive Protection

IcyBear Cyber Security Solution

The IcyBear solution represents comprehensive protection for individuals - licenses vary according to the number of users (Treasure / Fortune / Legacy products), for companies (IcyBear Spark solution) or only for mobile devices (mobile phones, tablets - IcyBear Start package).

Thanks to our technology partners, reputable companies from around the world, we provide you with the best possible security protection for your physical, virtual and mobile endpoints, regardless of operating system and hypervisor. All from a single central management console. The enterprise solution offers deployment of central management of all devices in on-premise (hosted at the customer's site) or cloud-hosted options.

The main technologies of our corporate solution are:

  • antivirus and antimalware with behavioural monitoring
  • protection against zero-day threats with a global protection network
  • application control and sandboxing
  • firewall
  • checking the equipment
  • content control with antiphishing and antispam for mailservers.

The IcyBear solution also includes:

  • Build up to 42 layers of security to proactively defend your devices
  • access to a data centre with 24/7 monitoring service
  • information lead in cyber security thanks to our ICT experts with many years of experience in the field.

In case more modern and efficient technologies are found in the price/performance ratio, we immediately introduce them into operation after successful testing.

Thanks to technology partners, IcyBear's solutions include products from Bitdefender, Fortinet, Algotech, Check Point, Doxologic, Thales and others. 

up to 42 layers of protection

Risk analysis and hardening

The risk analysis engine continuously evaluates endpoint security misconfigurations and user behaviour, and provides a clear list of priorities for strengthening security.

This minimizes the attack surface of the endpoint device, making it more difficult for attackers to access the system.

Endpoint risk analysis

Full-disk encryption

Application control

Patch management

Protection from threats

Checking the equipment


With advanced prevention features, including anomaly detection and anti-abuse protection, this layer blocks sophisticated threats at the early stages of the attack chain.

Signature-free technologies, including advanced local and cloud-based machine learning, behavioural analytics, integrated sandboxing and device security, act as highly effective layered protection against sophisticated threats.

Protection against exploits

Email security

Protection against network attack

Automatic disinfection and removal

Protection against fileless attacks

Monitoring harmful processes


Local and cloud machine learning

Tunable machine learning

Automatic sandbox analysis

Detection and response

Quickly triage alerts and investigate incidents using the attack timeline and sandbox output. This allows IcyBear's incident response team to quickly respond and stop ongoing attacks with a click of the mouse.

Threat analysis, anomalies, visualization

MITRE event marking

Incident detection and investigation

Remote command line

Anomaly detection

Root Cause Analysis

Manual examination in the sandbox

NTSA Network Threat Analysis

Reporting and integration

Provides consistent security for all Windows, Linux or Mac enterprise endpoints in physical, virtualized or cloud infrastructures. Supports integration with existing security operations tools and is optimized for data center technologies, including all major hypervisors.

Dashboards and reports

SIEM integration

EDR control


API support


Expert team

IcyBear's solution includes outsourcing its own cybersecurity team. Your assigned expert will answer all your questions and help you set up your company's cybersecurity to the level you need. Typically, the rate for one expert day is 12 000,- CZK. With IcyBear you pay one flat rate regardless of the hours used. In addition to these consulting services, you will gain a valuable information edge for timely cyber security decisions.

Data centre and monitoring

24/7 SOC (Security Operation Center) with MDR (Managed Detect and Response) and SIEM solution for monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure.

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