Risk analysis

Analysis of personnel risks

Cybersecurity is not just about the system and the data, but also about the people who have access to the equipment. For example, the new NIS2 directive directly mandates that this issue be addressed.

  1. Are you aware that your trustee/administrator is facing 10 foreclosures, threatened with loss of residence, etc.? In such a case, how will he or she be resistant to "various offers" and how vigorously will he or she protect your data?
  2. Are you aware that your manager/administrator is openly slandering you as an employer on social media?
  3. Are you aware that your administrator/administrator has a strong psychological bias in the social networking space, e.g. openly hateful and intolerant attitudes, advocacy of weapons, endorsement of violence, drug use, etc.? Do you really want to trust someone like that with access to all your company's data?

Supply chain analysis

The NIS2 Directive directly requires the screening of the entire IT supply chain and excludes all entities with links to the Russian Federation or the People's Republic of China. 

Are you even able to do such an analysis, do you have the data resources and trained people to do it? We do.

As part of the analysis of risks from business relationships, we also offer advanced analysis of companies whose insolvency or insolvency could put you at significant risk. What does such an analysis look like in practice? Watch the video presentation here.

 Partner company Supreme Analytics s. r. o.

specializes in advanced analytics in the field of Business Intelligence for more than 7 years. The company was founded by former members of specialized security forces who were certified by the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic in the field of criminal intelligence analysis.

The company uses only legal data sources (open and commercial), the analysis can be used in proceedings before courts or other public authorities or for negotiations.

The company prepares security and economic analyses of companies in order to provide clients with answers to two key questions:

  1. Is the business partner even able to pay? Does it not hide fundamental economic difficulties? Supreme Analytics has developed a methodology to identify fundamental difficulties from data in cyberspace even when financial statement data is unavailable, outdated or unreliable.
  2. Is the business partner willing to pay? How have the people in charge of the company behaved in past business relationships? Are there client complaints, business partner lawsuits, etc.?

Supreme Analytics has provided expert training on company data analysis to the Chancellery of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic, the Financial Analysis Unit of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic, the Institute of Banking Education of the Slovak National Bank, ČSOB, the General Directorate of Customs and the National Centre against Organized Crime.

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