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2016 - Menzo a.s. was founded and transformed into Doxologic, s.r.o. Gradually, this company started providing cyber security services to major organizations.

Year 2023 - Security expert and manager Bc. Martin Listopad founded the IcyBear project in response not only to the increasingly frequent and sophisticated cyber threats from organized groups of hackers, but especially because of the fear of new threats with the advent of artificial intelligence (so-called automated attacks) and the advent of quantum computers in the commercial sphere. The issue of ICT corporate systems being hacked, money being stolen, personal identities and social media accounts being stolen is thus becoming increasingly real for all of us. 


Year 2024 - The project is covered by Brilliant World s.r.o., whose creators have invested expertise, experience and established partnerships with leading global players in the field of IT and cyber security.

We are a risk Czech company. We have acquired a Czech strategic investor, thanks to which we have increased our share capital to CZK 5 million. CZK.

The IcyBear brand presents cybersecurity as a premium service using state-of-the-art technology, AI and a data center with 24/7 monitoring and support. The project is also an interesting business opportunity for IT companies, distributors (resellers) and business partners - individuals (affiliate program).

We have the ambition to become a leader in cyber security on the European market.

IcyBear - your protector in the digital world.

Imagine that in today's turbulent cyberspace you get your own strong, reliable protector, a polar bear avatar that will guard the security of all your devices at home and in the company day and night. IcyBear is not only a security guide, but also a provider of state-of-the-art cyber security technologies for businesses and individuals. And that's not all. With IcyBear, you get a valuable information edge, ongoing education for you or your employees, insurance against cyber security risks, or 24/7 monitoring service.

6 reasons why solutions from Icybear


We deliver the world's best solutions - up to 42 layers of security through the world's largest technology companies.

Human capital

With IcyBear, you don't have to find cyber security experts, which are in short supply on the market. You get everything for one money.

Data centre and monitoring

Included in the price of the service, you get the ultimate protection and 24/7 surveillance thanks to IcyBear's collaboration with selected SOC (Security Operation Center) data centers with MDR (Managed Detect and Response) and SIEM solutions for monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure.


Currently, we do not know of any other solution on the Czech market that would also enable insurance of cyber security risks based on the delivery of technologies and services. Ask your service provider or IT/IS administrator whether they guarantee insurance against risks of possible damage caused by hackers with the delivery of their services and technologies.

Education, training and support

Only with IcyBear will you always have the information edge to make the right and timely decision.

Security analysis for companies

One-day security analysis of internal networks and connected devices including ethical hacking.

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