ICYBEAR the best cybersecurity solution for businesses and individuals

Bringing the best security solutions for your ICT

With IcyBear's cyber security solution for businesses and individuals, you get all the software you need to secure all the devices in your company (PCs, laptops, mobile phones, email, physical, virtual and cloud servers), a data center with 24/7 monitoring and support for your IT systems and clouds, information ahead, education, employee training and much more.

ICYBEAR EDUCATION courses and webinars

Book a date for the currently announced and subsidised courses "Safe and Free in the Online Space". You will get a year's worth of security software at a discounted price!

Two-day online course with annual IcyBear Treasure cyber security package worth 14 900 CZK now at a subsidised price 2 682 CZK incl. VAT.

ICYBEAR Cybersecurity as a business opportunity

Be part of our business partner team and harness the potential of cyber security with IcyBear.

We offer cooperation both to individuals - business partners and IT companies - distributors. If you are interested in business cooperation, please contact us for more information.

About us

Bringing the world's best cyber security product

In response to the growing and increasingly sophisticated cyber threats not only from organized groups, but in the future from artificial intelligence (hacking of corporate systems, theft of money from accounts, misuse of personal identity or social media accounts, etc.), we founded the IcyBear project, under the umbrella of Brilliant World s.r.o. Its creators - Martin Listopad and others - have put their expertise and experience into it and established partnerships with the world's leading ICT and cyber security players.

We are introducing a completely new perspective on the comprehensive provision of cyber security services for homes and businesses. We bring cyber security as a service and a business opportunity at the same time.

What does IcyBear include?

6 reasons why solutions from Icybear


We deliver the world's best solutions - up to 42 layers of security through the world's largest technology companies.

Human capital

With IcyBear, you don't have to find cyber security experts, which are in short supply on the market. You get everything for one money.

Data centre and monitoring

Included in the price of the service, you get the ultimate protection and 24/7 surveillance thanks to IcyBear's collaboration with selected SOC (Security Operation Center) data centers with MDR (Managed Detect and Response) and SIEM solutions for monitoring and managing your IT infrastructure.


Currently, we do not know of any other solution on the Czech market that would also enable insurance of cyber security risks based on the delivery of technologies and services. Ask your service provider or IT/IS administrator whether they guarantee insurance against risks of possible damage caused by hackers with the delivery of their services and technologies.

Education, training and support

Only with IcyBear will you always have the information edge to make the right and timely decision.

Security analysis for companies

One-day security analysis of internal networks and connected devices including ethical hacking.

What does IcyBear include?


Current rates

Take advantage of the current discounted offer for the Safe and Free Online course. The two-day online course is organised by our partner company Doxologic and thanks to a subsidy from the Labour Office you can now get it for the price of CZK 2,682.

The course includes:

  • Advanced Cybersecurity and Social Networking Fundamentals
  • Advanced social media techniques
  • Legal aspects of cyber security
  • The use of blockchain and AI in cybersecurity
  • IcyBear security installation package for laptops and mobile phones

Scope of the course:

4 hours theory, 12 hours practice. Duration: 2 days.

Free webinars

We prepare regular educational webinars for our customers and business partners. How can you participate?

  • Every Tuesday from 19:00 product webinar for the public FREE. This webinar is no registration, free to attend at the link below.
  • Every Wednesday from 19:00 webinar for our business partners FREE. Registration through our sales department is a prerequisite.


You don't know what to do?

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Other IcyBear services

The IcyBear solution is a comprehensive cybersecurity solution for everyone. Thanks to our technology and analytics partners, renowned companies from around the world, you get premium products and services to achieve maximum protection for your endpoint devices in the home and business.

It is aimed at identifying potential security risks in your corporate IT environment. During a one-day investigation, we will assess the state of security technologies and processes in your company. The RiscRecon Assault service includes consultancy work, ethical hacking, penetration testing of your network and a final report with identified weaknesses and suggested actions. 

Stress tests (Doxologic)

In cooperation with long-standing forensic analysts, we can examine the security risks in your business. Whether it's employees, business partners or service providers, we can uncover hidden links with competitors or analyse hidden economic issues. We use specialized software tools and analytical procedures for this kind of service.

The IcyBear TechLab Center, in cooperation with the Averia TECHLAB Center, tests and prepares the best technologies for our clients. The TechLab Center was created based on the development of AI to be able to respond to new AI threats in a timely manner.

Technology partners of the project

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